Pallets handling

Mechanization and automation for loading transport containers allows :
• Repeat operations.
• Safe operations.
• Reduction in labour costs.
• Tracking products.
• Improvement to the ergonomics of Operator stations.

ALSTEF designs, develops and integrates a comprehensive range of premium equipment to handle flows of any palletized load :
• Conveyors and complimentary equipment.
• Control line for empty pallets.
• Dispatching shuttle-cars
• Overhead self drive Electrified Monorail Systems .

Based on the expertise of its design office in mechanical, electrical and PLC systems, ALSTEF offers a range of standard products which can be customized for specific clients’ needs.

Premium conveyors

  • Designed for loads of 1,500 kg, ALSTEF conveyors are built with steel long beams. They are easy to install as they are supplied complete with :
    ASI bus cabling
    • Screw jacks for fixing to the floor providing simple level adjustment

    The frame is made of painted steel sheets, (galvanized if required). All conveyors can be equipped with a variable speed drive if loads to transport are not stable enough.

  • Empty pallets control lines

    The empty pallets control line has been designed by ALSTEF to avoid the use of slave pallets. This system is placed ahead of the production lines and allows separation of compliant pallets, thus no further problems can occur

    Dispatching shuttle-cars

    Automatic shuttle cars are convenient way to transport and transfer loads on a straight route requiring many interfaces.

    Depending on the type of load to handle, the interfacing equipment, and the requested performance, the shuttle-car can be equipped with a roller conveyor, a chain conveyor, a telescopic fork, or a satellite.

    In addition to its usual transport tasks, the shuttle-car can perform storage operations. With single or double depth, including as storage conveyors before truck loading.
    Performance is enhanced by using toothed belt drives, for high speeds and handling of two loads at a time.

    The Electrified Monorail Systems

    Operating in a secure environment, the electrified monorail system ensures major flows in a complex circuit with many exchange points.
    To respond to future increases in the flow, additional electrified monorail systems can be added in the circuit.
    The electrified monorail system makes the link between areas within a logistics centre : reception, production, storage, order preparation and shipping.
    Each electrified monorail system has its own independent drive and control system. 
    The support structure of the rail can stand alone or be attached to the frame of an existing building.
    The electrified monorail system is equipped with a chain or a roller conveyor. 
    To increase performance, two loads can be handled at the same time.

    Control system

    The control system of all equipment is designed by ALSTEF automation engineers who always take into account the current and future maintenance operations in their development of the processes.


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