IT Solution (STOCKWARE®)

STOCKWARE® WCS is the essential tool for the good performance of an automated warehouse . Developped by ALSTEF, STOCKWARE® manages the operation of all the storage equipment , the conveyors system , and the order preparation. It includes supplementary functions of products management, pallets information, order preparation and shipment information which give it a role of WMS.
STOCKWARE® is compliant CFR21 Part 11 and communicates with SAP by several protocols

A standard WMS/WCS featured for each client

As a standard tool, STOCKWARE® is the result of a wide experience with more than 60 sites implemented over the world. STOCKWARE® has been designed to manage each client’s system according to their particular requests while all necessary functionalities are basically available.

Functionalities of the WMS/WCS STOCKWARE®

• Management of locations, products, batches, categories,
• Management of handling units
• Management of dates (best before…)
Handling units input / output from storage
Picking and packing
Inventory management (locations and products)
Pallets order preparation « Goods to Man » or robotized layer deposit
Functions Pick to Pallet, Pick to Belt
Control of the equipment via the PLC’s ( stacker-cranes, automatic shuttle cars, EMS, radio frequency terminals, robots , labelers,…)
Handling caution with regard to the product quality
• Management of maintenance and energy consumption
• Communication with the ERP (SAP), CRM, MES

  • ALSTEF commitments about equipment flows

    The WCS part of STOCKWARE® is supported by the ALSTEF wide experience in PLC’s programmation and in the control systems. This is why ALSTEF is committed to the high flow performances of its equipment.

    Easy to implement and to use

    Part of the client’s intranet in connection with the WMS/ERP, STOCKWARE® works with virtualization. Its multi tiers architecture is compliant with cloud computing .
    The friendly machine / man interface uses ergonomic tools available JAVA, IE, Nestcape or Mozilla.
    Instrument panels gather the operation data which lists can be displayed on a screen or written down.
    STOCKWARE® can be used without specific training to its operating system. The software assists the operator at all steps .
    Access is secured by pass word and creation of user profiles.


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    • Sortation systems
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      Sortation systems
    • Robotized order preparation
      Robotized order preparation
      Robotized order preparation
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