BAGWARE® Computer Software

Designed by ALSTEF, BAGWARE® is the sort allocation computer (SAC) software that serves to sort bags, control the baggage handling system, and ensures 100% screening of checked baggage.

Baggage Tracking and Screening

BAGWARE® manages the bags throughout their entire route through the system :

  • Takes control at the check-in counters or automatic drop-off points
  • Manages 100% screening of bags
  • Manages customs controls
  • Manages early bag storage
  • Sorts bags
  • Controls bags up to the final sorting points (piers, conveyors, chutes, carousels)

BAGWARE® interfaces with Airport Systems

The applications are developed by ALSTEF Engineers who are part of the project from the design phase to the implementation of the system. The applications are supported by innovative systems (self-closing fibre networks, virtual concept…).

A key component of the baggage handling system, BAGWARE® interfaces with the airport’s Flight Information Management System (FIMS), Departure Control System (DCS) through the Baggage Source / Transfer Message (BSM/BTM) messages of SITA BagMessage system, and with the programmable PLCs of the conveyors, Destination Coded Vehicle (DCV) system and sorters.

BAGWARE® complies with International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards.

BAGWARE® also interfaces with control systems dedicated to baggage sorting and screening systems, with the Flight Information Display System (FIDS), and the Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS).

Uninterrupted Service in Case of Failure

Developed under LINUX/ORACLE, BAGWARE® is designed based on a redundant and distributed architecture. The software operates on two servers equipped with redundant hard disks. In case of failure, this software and hardware architecture, associated with automatic failover mechanisms, ensures uninterrupted service without intervention.

Complementary Modules

Through an ergonomic operator interface, the BAGWARE® Flight module enables the association of sorting chutes with the daily flights. It is synchronised with the actual flight schedule and interfaces with the Flight Information Display System (FIDS).

BAGWARE® includes a statistics and data collection module. This module can be used to analyse the operations per minute, hour, week, month and year.

BAGWARE® includes a history module on all data processed (flights, bags, sorting actions, messages received…). It can be associated with a dedicated server to increase online visibility for up to 1 year.


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