Cold storage

ALSTEF is the French leader in cold storage systems with stacker-cranes. The company has equipped over 20 cold stores in France, which means a cumulative total of 300,000 m3 and 400 years operating..

Tracking of stored products and no manual process in deep cold conditions

The reliability and high availability of the stacker-cranes and handling equipment make it possible to store products in high cold with no human being, and to manage the stocks and to track the loads, thanks to STOCKWARE® the software developed by ALSTEF.

Compared to a traditional solution, the automated warehouse is cost efficient because the volume to keep in negative temperature is smaller, no personnel is working in deep cold conditions and the thermal losses are minimal.


Improved productivity for order preparation

Depending on the clients’s needs and their operating mode, ALSTEF manages separately the operations to be performed in high cold conditions and the order preparation which can be done in positive temperature (1° to 5°C). The working stations being in positive temperature, the workers are more comfortable thus more productive.

Storage and shipment operations in a same process

In most installations designed by ALSTEF pallets go back to cold storage after preparation.There is no specific cold storage area for shipment.
The equipment has been dimensioned to treat a peak flow in order to minimize the truck loading time so as to guaranty the cold chain.

Turnkey cold stores

All functionalities of ALSTEF equipment are controlled in ambiant temperature. Though in order to take all specificities into account, ALSTEF participate with the clients to the setting of the cold store to deep cold temperature before it starts to operate. 

ALSTEF : a recognized leader in cold storage installations

• 300,000 m3 of automated storage with stacker-cranes in deep cold
• 40 stacker-cranes in operation
• Cumulative 400 years of operation
• 20 sites equipped by ALSTEF in France 

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    Robotized order preparation
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