Bins storage : AUTOSTORE

ALSTEF is responsible for the distribution in France of the Norvegian AUTOSTORE® system, developed by HATTELAND.


AUTOSTORE® : the solution for the best compacity of your storage volume

AUTOSTORE® is a highly flexible, space-saving solution concept for storing and picking small parts. It consists in a straightforward modular installation and optimal use of existing storage spaces . Goods are stored in bins stacked directly on top of each other. Compared to other systems like shuttles or micro stacker cranes, AUTOSTORE® leaves no space unused.

AUTOSTORE® can be installed in existing or new plant buldings can be installed in existing or new plant buldings.

AUTOSTORE ® functionning

The AUTOSTORE® is mainly made up of bins, aluminum grid, robots and operator ports.
AutoStore® – stores goods in bins stacked on top of one another in a self-supporting aluminum grid. The grid will align the bins, and also function as tracks for the AutoStore® robots. Radio controlled and battery-powered, the robots handle the bins on the grid to and from the AutoStore® ports. The port is where the goods are taken in and out of AutoStore® bins.
AutoStore® control system schedules the picking lists transferred from the warehouse management system.
The thoroughly tested control system plans and controls the robot traffic and has full control over the AutoStore® robots, bins, and ports at any time

The ports

The « goods to man » ports are installed around the AutoStore® . There are 2 types of ports : the receiving ports for inbound and picking ports for orders picking. For inbound, the robots fetch the filled bin and place it in a free top-position in the AutoStore grid. For picking, the robots automatically transport the correct bins to the port. In one minute the employee can access to four different bins at the same port. Full order or shipment consolidation can be done at the AutoStore ports..

AUTOSTORE ® benefits

  • Easy to install : in new or existing buildings, possibility of superposition in the case of high rise buildings (mezzanine).

  • Availability : all robots have access to any bin and to any operator port. If a robot breaks down, its tasks are allocated to other robots.

  • Flexibility : in case of increasing thoughput , the grid can be extended with further robots and ports, increasing the storage capacity, without having to shut down operations.

  • Performance : depending on the storage capacity and the number of robots, the system is able to handle up to 25 mouvments per robot and per hour.



ALSTEF : distributor for France

As part of its distribution agreement in France, ALSTEF provides :
Marketing of the AUTOSTORE® system with the analysis of customers requirements, the definition of the solution and the carry out of the technical and commercial offer.
Responsability for performance of the suggested solution.
Supervision of the planning and implementation operations.
Installation of the AUTOSTORE® system.
IT management of the facility by the WMS STOCKWARE ®, déveloped by ALSTEF.
The maintenance service : spare parts, repairs, maintenance, changes



Bins storage : AUTOSTORE


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