Basel-Mulhouse Airport relies on Alstef | B2A Technology for standard 3 screening machines integration

February 2020

In order to comply with European regulations on hold baggage screening, Basel-Mulhouse Airport has undertaken the replacement of its standard 2 screening machines with machines of the latest standard 3 technology.

The system is designed and dimensioned to allow the Airport to cope with the expected increase in passenger flows over the coming years. New lines will be installed for the detection canine teams to control the hold baggage for which the imaging system was not convincing enough. This configuration allows to reduce investments in machines and conveyors as well as operating investment costs.

This new process will be implemented into the existing installation which is in operation 7/7 days a week. The project is therefore being phased so as not to interfere with the Airport operations. The first phase that has just been completed is the commissioning of the canine control lines, allowing the dogs to check the baggage directly on conveyors. This innovative principle is unique in France. The following phases, which consist in replacing the current X-ray machines, will take place up to April 2020.

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