B2A Technology nominated for the « Rois de la Supply Chain 2019 » Price

November 2018

Alstef and BA Systèmes are pleased to be part of the 8 nominated for the “Rois de la Supply Chain 2019” Price (i.e. Kings of Supply Chain 2019) for their turnkey automation project of the new fiduciary center of the Banque de France in La Courneuve !

The Supply Chain Magazine competition is a must-attend event for supply chain actors that rewards the best innovations in structuring projects that put logistics processes at the heart of the company’s strategy. The jury, this year, has also paid a particular attention to both human dimension and CSR.
Selected among 16 other projects, the 8 realizations will be presented during this 13th edition of the “Rois de la Supply Chain 2019” which will take place at the Salons de l’Aveyron in Paris Bercy, on January 17th.
B2A Technology’s project automates the new Banque de France’s coin sorting center in La Courneuve. Ultra-secure and automated, this site is the largest in Europe and has just been inaugurated. More than one billion-euro banknotes will pass through it.

A turnkey automation project
The process consists of two automated stores, a network of conveyors and AGVs handling pallets of banknotes and coin boxes, mixed palletization / depalletizing robots for boxes, a conveyor and case-packing system of banknotes and goods-to-man order picking stations. The overall control management of the automated installation is ensured by a high-level WCS, interfaced with Banque de France’s WMS.
The safety of the whole is guaranteed, in particular, by a set of CCTV cameras, access locks and armored doors that the conveyors and the AGVs must crossed, as well as other confidential devices.
The Banque de France’s turnkey automation project by B2A Technology is competing for the 3 Trophies : The Grand Prize, the Innovation Prize and the Public Prize.
More about the competing projects (in French Only)

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